Product Detail
Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel (Linkage Type)
Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel (Linkage Type)
Series : AC Powered
Spec : Quality addressable fire alarm control panel
Material : Metal
Color : black
Brand : ZOANCO
Model : 9000E
Size : 760x600x150mm
Original : 0.00

Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel (Linkage Type)

Chapter one: System overview

1.1 System introduction

The 9000E fire alarm control panel (linkage type) (fire alarm control panel) is a new

generation product launched by Fanhai Sanjiang. In order to adapt to the needs of engineering

design, the fire alarm control panel is designed with a linkage control function that enables it to

be flexibly used with other related products from Fanhai Sanjiang to form a fire alarm and

linkage integrated control system. It is particularly suitable for applications in large and

medium-sized fire alarm and linkage integrated control systems.

The fire alarm and linkage control system is extensively applied in high-grade office buildings, big

residence communities, department stores, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, libraries, factory buildings,

supermarkets, hotels and other large and medium-sized fire protection projects.

1.2 System characteristics

² It adopts new generation high-speed microprocessor technology that has a data processing

speed and a data storage capacity 100 times and 1000 times higher than that of conventional

technology respectively.

² It has a 7.4″16-grey-scale LCD Chinese-supporting display and with a display resolution of


² Its operating interfaces simulate the menus and interfaces of Windows and therefore ensure

operation habits similar to that of computers and is easy to learn.

² It uses a flexibly and conveniently controllable standard PS/2 computer keyboard and mouse

as on-site programming devices.

² It provides a Chinese Pinyin input method and a Chinese section-position code input method

and can therefore realize Chinese input freely and easily.

² It can copy or restore both setting files and historical files through a CF intelligent storage

card (optional), making system maintenance convenient.

² It adopts a non-polarity two-bus intelligent alarm linkage mode and has a total of 324

intelligent detectors or modules for a single circuit. The addresses of the intelligent detectors

or modules may be hashed with No.1 to No.324.

² It is equipped with multiple high-speed CAN-bus interfaces, ensuring quick and reliable data


² It has super high single-machine capacity (maximum single-machine capacity:

40×2×324=25,920 alarm points).

² It supports the networking of 20  ,9000E fire alarm control panels. It has

a maximum capacity of 518,400 alarm points (20×25,920) after networking.

² It can be connected with a multi-line linkage control unit and has a maximum capacity of

4,000 points for a standalone linkage control unit.

² It can store the historical information of system operation, including 1,000 pieces of historical

fire alarm information, historical request information, historical feedback information,

historical fault information and historical operation information respectively.

² Users can customize the equipment type, making system integration convenient.

² It introduces the concept of a virtual interface board to realize the linkage operations of

general semantics, thus realizing the most complicated system linkage relations easily.

² It has manual single-point start and stop functions for modules, making on-site debugging

and tests convenient.

² It has a single-point test function for detectors or modules, making the operating conditions

and test data of detectors intuitive.

² It has a standard special miniprinter, enabling it to print various operating conditions in a

real-time way.

² It can be accessed to a zone display panel, a building display panel or a floor display panel to

send the information displayed on it to locations like corridors.

² It can be connected with the CRT-9000 graphical display device (optional, CRT-9000 for

short) in the fire control room to display the specific locations of fires and faults intuitively.

² It executes administration by different levels for users of multiple levels and grants the users

-2 -

at different levels the corresponding system operation authorities, making system

administration convenient.

² It can realize local or remote software upgrades, thus enabling it to operate stably and


² Executive standards: Fire Alarm Control Units (GB4717-2005)

Automatic Control System for Fire Protection (GB16806-2006)