Product Detail
Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel (Linkage Type)
Series : AC Powered
Spec : 100/200/324 alarm control points
Material : Metal
Color : black
Brand : ZOANCO
Model : MN300
Size : 460X330X102mm
Original : 0.00

I. General description

The MN300 is a newtype of analog fire alarm control panel which has 100/200/324 alarm controlpoints (detectors and modules which are characterized by fully mixed coding,non-polarity and two buses). It complies with the provisions of both Fire AlarmControl Units (GB4717-2005) and Automatic Control System for Fire Protection(GB16806-2006).

Its characteristics are as follows:

l  The intelligent detectors and the intelligent modules have internalmicroprocessors to realize digital filtering and auto-compensation functions;the data collection is true and reliable; the MN300control panel can carry out data processing based on fuzzy control theory andmodern fire alarm theory to fundamentally avoid missing alarms and to reducefalse alarms, so as to improve reliability.

l  The detectors have a sensitivity setup function and can adjust thealarm sensitivity according to the specific environment and their influences.

l  The detecting bus and the control bus share a two-wire structure andhave non-polarity and fully mixed coding of the detectors and modules, and theintelligent detectors and the intelligent modules can be directly connected tothem, which greatly simplifies the system wiring, engineering installation andcircuit maintenance.

l  The system uses an AC-DC master-standby power supply system whichwill automatically change between the master and standby power supplies in theevent of a power failure of either of the two power supplies to ensureuninterrupted operation of the system.

l  The MN300 can be connected to a specialmini-printer to realize real-time printing.

l  The MN300 can be connected to floorfire display panels to display fire alarms by standard RS-485

l  The MN300 can be connected to tenmulti-line linkage control/monitoring points to control and monitor importantequipment.

l  The MN300 is equipped with eightbus manual control points, which makes it very easy for the user to controlrelated equipment.

This User’s Manual introduces the system’suser interface, keyboard operation and function set-up.It describes these withpictures and text to make it easy for the user to master usage quickly. Othersections introduce the system structure, wiring method, technicalcharacteristics and precautions for the MN300 (pleasepay more attention to the descriptions in Precautions) for theuser’s reference.

II. Operation instructions

§1 Access to the system

§1-1 Non-password protection operations and passwordprotection operations

The fire alarm control panel can realizeboth password protection operations and non-password protection operations.

In the non-password protection operationmode, the user can access the following operations without the necessity ofinputting a password.

l  Press the numeric key 0 to display the version information;



l  Display current fire alarm;

l  Display faults;

l  Display startup/feedback.

Those operations which can only be doneafter a password is inputted by the user are password protection operations,including:

l  System setup;

l  Alarm setup;

l  Clear setup;

l  Manual control setup;

l  HistoryRecord;

l  Password setup;

l  Self-checking;

l  Reset;





Note: When the BUS MANUAL CONTROL ENABLE indicatoris lit, the bus manual control panel is not under password protection and canbe operated.