Product Detail
Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector
Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector
Series : Co gas detector
Spec : Ac powered co gas detector alarm
Material : ABS
Color : Ceiling white
Brand : ZOANCO
Model : ZC-CO303
Original : 0.00




Leave your CO Alarm powered in year-round. CO problems can occur any time during the year, and this Alarm can only alert you if it is plugged in and receiving power. This CO Alarm is intended for use in a standard AC220V power supply. It is not intended for use in extension cords, power strips, or outlets controlled by a switch or dimmer.

These may not provide continuous power to the unit. When fully powered, it samples the air and takes a new reading about every second. A microchip inside the unit stores each reading, and remembers the levels of CO it has

been exposed to over time. The unit goes into alarm mode when it has been exposed to a “critical” level of CO

(measured in parts per million or “ppm”) within a specified time (measured in minutes). This Carbon Monoxide Alarm features a permanently installed sensor, three colored indicator lights, and an 85dB

alarm horn. It also has a Silence Feature to temporarily quiet the alarm horn.


Detect carbon monoxide. High quality durable electrochemistry sensor for CO gas detection.

Easy to install.

Loud 80dB alarm and LED warning light.

Self diagnostic function by MCU intelligent software.

Excellent reliability & High stability.

Ideal for all house and kitchens.


Unit Dimensions: 122mm (H) x 76 mm (W) x 38mm (D)

Color: Ceiling White

Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C

Ambient Humidity: ≤95% RH

Alarm Horn: 80dB

Operating Voltage: AC220V/50HZ

Power Consumption: <1.5W (Standby), <3W (Alarm)

Value of Detection Threshold (Lower Explosive Limit):

CO Gas: >150ppm (Alarm in 1 to 3 minutes)

Sensor lifetime: > 3 years

Alarm: Red LED with 80dB alarm

Warm Up Time: approximately 60 Seconds

Alarm Output: Voltage Output (DC12V pulse or steady)

(Only for Control Module)